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What is single jersey machine ?

What is single jersey machine ?
May 10 , 2024

Single jersey machine have entered a mature product cycle. We have long been committed to providing excellent single jersey machine of a consistent quality at an affordable price in what is an extremely competitive industry.Our specialized service allow us to meet the needs of our customers, ensuring the satisfaction of both the customer and our company


Features of single jersey circular knitting machine  

1.High performance.

2.No vertical lines.

3.Ideal solution for very fine gauges.

4.Suitable for various lines.

Advantages of single jersey machine

1. No vertical lines.

2. There is no defect of elastic fiber misplating.

3. No fabric will peel off.

4. Significantly reduce operations.

5. Ideal solution for extremely fine specifications.

6. Solve the problem of picking up cloth.

7. Reduce cleaning and maintenance operations.

8. Large pattern range and wide stitch range.

9. Good energy saving effect.

 Highly Productive Basic Single Jersey Machine

Applications of single jersey machine
This machine can simultaneously realize five processes:

1.fancy-jersey machine


4.single jersey mesh jacquard machine
5.single jersey multi-feeders machine

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